Data science for everyone

Data Science. Simplified.


QuickAI is a visual data science tool with an extreme focus on simplicity and ease of use.

No installation

Just click Run. Entirely in your browser. No apps, plugins or extensions to install.

No data upload

Your data never leaves your computer. No cloud uploads - your data is yours.


QuickAI is free for personal use without limitations.


(e.g. Python/R)
(e.g. Alteryx, SPSS)
(e.g. h2o.ai)
Ease of use for non-technical audience Hard Medium Hard Easy
Installaion/maintanence effort High High Medium Low
Your data stays on your computer
Contextual in-place education
Ramp-up time Months Weeks Weeks Minutes
Large data handling Limited by host computer Limited by host computer Scalable Limited by host computer
Available algorithms High Medium Medium Low *
* We are working towards adding new methods to QuickAI, well, quickly!

QuickAI is built by data scientists.
Our mission is to make data science simple and easily accessible.

We built QuickAI to address real frustrations with existing data science tools that are cumbersome and inaccessible. Most real world data doesn't sit in some perfect table somewhere in the cloud. Also, just when you need to run an analysis on that software it throws an error - the library doesn't load, or license expired, or something else. You're spending more time getting your data and software to work, and looking up syntax, rather than doing the analysis. With QuickAI, you are ready to analyze instantly. It just works! And the best part? Your data never leaves your computer. Don't believe us? Feel free to disconnect your internet after loading QuickAI (once it says “Ready”) and before you select any of your data. Everything will work just fine.